Organic Composting – a NYC Area First From Action

At Action, our commitment to the environment is unmatched. We are one of the only solid waste collection company to offer an organic composting program throughout the New York City area. We have the ability to collect food scraps and any other organic material throughout the boroughs. Separating food waste from non-recyclable trash ultimately reduces the dependency on valuable landfill space.

We use specially designed trucks that allow us to pick the waste up in a manner that is faster, cleaner, and safer. Our self contained, leak proof vehicle gives us an advantage over our competitors that is undeniable. As of today, we are still the only company in the metro area to have invested in this specialized equipment.

In 2013, Action worked with NYC in the Mayor’s Food Waste Challenge. The Mayor’s Food Waste Challenge invites New York City restaurants to help reduce landfilled food waste by committing to a 50 percent food waste diversion goal.

To learn more, download this PDF.