Volunteering in Nicaragua

Rob Staada and his son Tyler went on a special trip earlier this year to Nicaragua to help those in need. Tyler, a senior at Don Bosco Prep High School, was part of a group of 23 seniors that teamed up with Mama Margarita Foundation to help build a home, bring medical supplies, and volunteer.

Students were asked to fundraise and collect goods for this trip. They were able to collect items such as clothing, shoes, toys, backpacks, school supplies, food, safety equipment, and medicine. Action Environmental donated safety gloves, masks and eyewear. Students volunteered to serve food at a dump site where workers are paid less than $2.00 a day.

During this week long trip students helped build a new home for a family in need. With the help of Tyler and his classmates Mama Margarita Foundation was able to build their 3rd home for those in need. Rob explained that being outside of his son’s comfort zone really showed him how blessed he is.

Some of the challenges that the students came across were a lack of hot water, no air conditioning, and not having access to power tools when building the home. Although these were extreme circumstances, it was rewarding for them to help kids who live in poverty. Rob was proud to see his son and classmates putting others before themselves.

Please click the video below to see their work.

Volunteering in Nicaragua