How Trash Companies NYC Sustainably Manage City Waste

NYC trash companies offer several comprehensive services to help manage city waste. With nearly 9 million residents, extensive waste management solutions are needed to keep New York City clean. Reputable trash companies provide leading expertise and experience in order to sustainably manage waste throughout the city. Each NY resident, commercial business, or public facility has a unique set of waste management needs. In order to properly manage each properties junk removal, trash collection companies offer a number of proven, sustainable solutions. Read on to learn about how trash companies NYC sustainably manage city waste.

Sort Recyclables

New York trash companies help their clients collect and sort recyclables in order to sustainably manage city waste. The top companies offer several NYC waste management services to ensure effective, sustainable recycling. Recycling is one of the most popular solutions for sustainable waste management. With the increasing prioritization on sustainability, more NYC residents are considering proper recycling for their waste management plans. Material like paper, cardboard, plastic, and glass can easily be recycled. At the same time, you can dispose of metal items like aluminum and tin cans within your curbside recycling. To manage recycling, NYC trash companies often choose one of two methods: single-stream or multi-stream recycling. Single-stream recycling allows you to dispose of all your recyclables together, then, trash companies sort materials at their facilities. Multi-stream options on the other hand, require you to sort your paper, plastic, and glass separately prior to curbside disposal. 

Collect E-Waste

NYC trash companies collect E-Waste from city properties, commercial businesses, or public facilities. Most electronic appliances cannot be mixed in with your traditional curbside waste. In order to sustainably dispose of e-waste, you either have to pre-arrange collection with NYC trash companies, or bring it to any of New York City’s various transfer stations. With these options, you can arrange for sustainable disposal of unneeded or outdated electrical equipment. Utilize these solutions to dispose of e-waste like computers, flat screen TVs, servers, VCR players, DVD players, music players, video game consoles, or computer peripherals. At the same time, utilize these methods to dispose household appliances like refrigerators, microwaves, or toaster ovens. 

Bale Collected Waste

Following NYC waste collection, trash companies bale collected garbage in order to manage city waste and boost sustainability. As soon as collected waste reaches MRFs, sorters, or transfer stations, it can immediately be baled together. Large bales of waste reduce the size of collected materials, allowing higher volumes to be transfered at once. Once bales are assembled, they can immediately be stacked onto trucks for transport. By baling recyclables and other collected waste, NYC trash companies can transport nearly double the amount of waste at any given time. On top of boosting sustainable disposal methods, baling waste reduces the fuel needed to transport collected materials. NYC trash agencies bale collected waste in order to sustainably manage city waste. 

Organics Composting

New York City trash companies are beginning to offer sustainable methods to collect and compost organic materials. On top of residential food waste, organic disposals from NYC’s thousands of restaurants also benefit from composting solutions. Composting solutions prevent the production of hazardous greenhouse gas emissions to boost sustainability and reduce NYC’s carbon footprint. Traditional disposal sends waste to landfills or incinerators. Here, it produces harmful methane gas that is avoided through composting. Currently, materials like food scraps, yard waste, and manufacturing products are made out of biodegradable material that can sustainably be composted. 

Handle Special Collections

NYC trash collection companies handle all waste special collections. Not all materials can be disposed of curbside. Materials that are not eligible for curbside collection need effective waste solution methods in place in order to guarantee proper disposal and sustainability. Automotive products like oil filters, gasoline, polish, wax, antifreeze, or motor oil all require special waste collection options. At the same time, you need special collection services to dispose of household hazardous materials like batteries, light bulbs, household chemicals, paint products. You also need these services to dispose of sharps, gardening materials, or devices containing mercury. Following a special collection schedule, NYC waste management companies can guarantee these materials are properly disposed of. 

Trash collection companies offer several comprehensive NYC junk removal solutions in order to sustainably dispose of city waste. Trash collection companies offer several strategies to sort and collect recyclables. Companies collect e-waste materials that cannot be disposed of curbside. Once garbage is collected, trash removal companies bale waste in order to increase space-efficiency. Waste management companies additionally compost the organic materials they collect for sustainable disposal. Furthermore, these collection companies manage all special collections to ensure that all waste is properly disposed of. Consider the points above to learn about how trash companies NYC sustainably manage city waste.