Tania From AR Speaks Up For Those in Puerto Rico

It saddens us to think of all of those effected by the various natural disasters over the past few weeks. Heartbroken for those who were effected by the hurricanes that hit Texas, Florida and Caribbean and the earthquake that left Mexico City in ruins.

While we all watch the coverage of these events in disbelief, sadly it hits home with many of our employees. Many of whom have family or friends who were effect by these disasters one way or another. Most times we feel helpless and do not know where to start in order to help the victims rebuild their lives.

Members of our team have jumped into action. Our own Gina Wintermute from finance stepped up with her animal rescue organization Big Dog Rescue Project to help the animal shelters effected by Hurricane Harvey.

Tania Colon from our accounts receivable department, wrote an open letter to the company asking for help and donations for those effect by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

Tania writes…

“It’s difficult to ignore the horrific situations and devastation Hurricane Maria has left behind. The aftermath is catastrophic and heartbreaking. I wake up every morning to the news in which the reality of what happened makes me too emotional to speak. The island has no phone communication, no power (unless they have a generator which also need to be refueled/recharged ) and no running water. Many are now homeless and a few lost lives mostly from the elderly that couldn’t get out before the storm.

Tania Dad

Our Action family has quite a few employees from the island which most likely have been impacted with relatives and friends left to rebuild their lives as they knew it before Maria.

My dad lost EVERYTHING as his apartment was flooded with 2 feet of water and car practically submerged under water. Thankfully After 2 days, my sister was able to reach a neighbor who brought him the phone and he was able to check in with us. He is safe which is all that matters.

Currently No flights in or out of the island of PR  , except for military and medical personnel, therefore, family can’t travel to visit loved ones and no packages can be sent.  I ask for prayers and to make any contribution to www.unitedforpuertorico.com

We are so proud to see our employees living our company values and more!