Summer Safety Tips Around Service Trucks

Summer means more and more people will be outside playing, riding bikes, and enjoying the weather. While the summer is a time to relax, enjoy some barbeque and have fun, unfortunately, accidents can still happen.

Here at Action Environmental and Interstate Waste Services safety is our priority. So to make sure you and your family stay safe this season, we thought we would bring you some summer safety tips to remember while around our trucks or any service truck from our Safety Team!

Summer Safety Tips Keep Distance Truck

To start, a good rule of thumb is to keep children and pets at a safe distance from the truck. Service trucks are big and there are blind spots. Stay at least 15 feet away from the truck, this way our drivers can see you. We do encourage that if you see one of our trucks, you give a big wave and say hello to our drivers.

Dont Play In Trash Can

I have kids of my own, and when they were little I remember that their favorite thing to do during the summer was to play outside with friends. Something I always told my kids was not to play on, stand in or around waste bins. Since you may not know exactly when the truck is coming to service the bin, its best to keep this area clear. Also always keep toys, bikes, basketball hoops, and other objects away from your collection containers.

Dont Play Around A Truck

Never ride a bike, skateboard, run or play near a sanitation truck, even if it’s stopped. Sanitation trucks are sizable vehicles and have many blind spots. If you cannot see our driver, that means they cannot see you. Be cautious when moving around a truck and listen for beeping. If you can hear an audio alarm coming from the truck, that means it is backing up.

Crossing carefully

During the summer many people like to take walks with family and friends around town. When crossing the street, never cross in front of a moving service truck, even if it’s coming to a stop. Service trucks weigh a ton, and it can take them three times as long to stop as it takes a passenger car to.

Also, never cross behind the truck. Most service trucks do not have back windows and even with large side mirrors, they may not be able to see you. So while you and your family are walking around this summer, remember to never cross in front or in back of a service truck and always keep a safe distance.

Mind the hopper

If you come across a sanitation truck operating the back hopper, never walk next to it. A sanitation truck hopper works by compacting the waste to make room for the next load and sometimes fluids or projectiles may spill out. So be wise and never walk next to a sanitation truck when the hopper is in motion.


Fireworks are a great addition to any summer holiday celebration, but they can lead to accidents. Never shoot off fireworks around any vehicle, let alone a sanitation truck. Loud noises can distract drivers and falling debris can strike helpers. There is also the risk of falling embers getting into the hopper and causing a fire.

Be sure that you and your family follow our simple summer safety tips to have a fun and safe summer!

Stay tuned for more safety tips from our Safety Team.