5 Eco-Friendly Restaurant Waste Management NYC Practices

Restaurant waste management is a crucial component of the entire New York City waste system. According to a study, the city generates roughly 14 million tons of trash in a year and about one third of that trash is food waste. As a restaurant owner, your establishment is responsible for part of the food waste in New York City. You can either continue to add to it and fill up landfills with food waste, or choose eco-friendly disposal options. If you want to reduce landfill waste and improve the environment, use the following restaurant waste management NYC practices in your eatery. 

Partner With A Composting Carter

One of the best restaurant food waste practices is to partner with a composting carter. Composting is the process of recycling organic materials like food. The restaurant waste management NYC services that offer composting programs turn unwanted food into rich soil that can be reused by farmers. You can compost several food items including fruits, vegetables, dairy products and breads. Many restaurants also compost coffee filters, meats and eggshells. By composting these items, you reduce the amount of food that goes into landfills. Hence, reaching out to a waste management provider that offers composting programs is a great practice for improving the environment. 

Source Compostable Products

Another great way to improve the environment through your restaurant waste management plan NYC is to source compostable products. Most restaurants offer takeout services that require some sort of packaging. Rather than using a package that cannot will eventually end up in a landfill, consider using compostable bags and containers. You can also use compostable serviceware and bin liners to reduce the amount of waste that your establishment sends to landfills. Consider this best practice to improve waste management in Queens NY and throughout the other boroughs. 

Donate Edible Foods

Moreover, the practice of donating edible foods is a great waste management solution for restaurants in the city. You can donate your edible foods instead of throwing them away in ordinary trash bins. Many businesses throughout Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island, Brooklyn and Manhattan donate leftovers to third-party charities. You can also give non-spoiled food to local food banks for less fortunate residents to enjoy. Consider donating it to farmers that can use it for feedstock as well. Whichever option you choose, you can improve the environment with this practice for restaurant waste management in New York City. 

Recycle Non-Food Products

Several restaurants throughout the city also benefit the environment by including recycling practices in their waste management plans. This practice focuses on reusing items that cannot be composted. These items typically include plastics and metals. Rather than throwing materials like aluminum cans and plastic bottles in the regular garbage bin, you can recycle them. This prevents them from adding to the large amount of waste already in landfills. If you want to take advantage of this option, reach out to your commercial carting service NYC and inquire about their curbside pickup recycling programs. Then, you can improve the environment with the help of food waste management companies.

Rent Open Top Dumpsters

Lastly, renting open-top containers is a great restaurant waste management practice to improve the environment. Unlike other options on this list, dumpsters are used for regular restaurant garbage rather than recycling materials. However, they benefit the environment by reducing the amount of pickup trips that carters need to make. This can potentially lower the amount of emissions given off by vehicles. If enough restaurants around the city use dumpsters, you can better the environment together. Therefore, this is an ideal practice for restaurant food waste disposal in NYC. 

As a restaurant owner in NYC, you play a large part in the city’s waste management system. If you want to improve the entire system and the environment, you need to do more than follow the NYC commercial garbage rules. You should also partner with a carter that composts. Source compostable products and donate any leftover edible foods as well. More so, recycle non-food products to reduce the amount of waste you send to landfills. Finally, rent open top containers from your provider to reduce emissions from trucks. Use these restaurant waste management NYC best practices to improve the environment.