NWRA Driver of the Year Award

Every year the NWRA honors drivers who operate their trucks in a safe and responsible manner by holding the Driver of the Year awards. The drivers who are nominated have outstanding performance records, and whose contributions have enhanced the overall safety and image of the solid waste industry. This competition is a great way to recognize your best and safest drivers.

This year we are proud that two of our own were nominated for this award.

Javier (Jay) Bernard – Chester, NY Depot

Jay has been with the IWS team since 2003. His coworkers say he’s “very easy to work with” and “a real team player.” The customers on his route know him by name and always have the nicest things to say about him. They are always calling into dispatch with nothing but complements about how professional he is.

Jay was also recognized back in June of 2016 for going out of his way to return a wallet loaded with cash that he found while out on his lunch break. Rather than leaving it, he located the owner of the wallet and drove it all the way to her house. That’s what you call going the extra mile. Great job Jay!

Dave Hall – Chestnut Ridge, NY Depot

Dave has been in the waste management industry for over 15 years. He’s been a member of our family since 2002. He currently drives a packer truck out of Chestnut Ridge depot. He’s supervisor Ozzie says “he’s a great guy who always shows up when you need him.”

Great job Dave. Keep up the good work!