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Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Hank Ford

Giving you an up-close look at the impact that the Hope and Heroes organization and Columbia University Medical Center has on the children it treats in the tri-state.


Hank Ford was born with cancer. At just three  weeks old, he began treatment at Columbia for Neuroblastoma, and spent most of the first six months of his life in the hospital. Thanks to support from Hope & Heroes, Hank’s oncologists created a unique treatment plan that not only got rid of his cancer, but did the least possible damage to his growing body so he could continue to thrive throughout his life.

Hank is now eight years old and a proud cancer survivor. He is great at math, excels at sports, loves to spend time with his two brothers and baby sister and will be the tallest boy in his fourth grade class.

Your support of Hope & Heroes helps ensure that kids like Hank are able to get the best treatment so they can experience and enjoy childhood.

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* Each of these patients and their families has granted permission for their story and photo to be shared by Hope & Heroes and its partners during the September campaign.