Autism Speaks – Maria Ferraris

On Sunday October 2, 2016, Maria Ferraris and with her family and friends will be at Jones Beach for the Autism Speaks walk. 

I got to sit down with Maria a few days ago and she shared with me the importance of what this walk means to her and her family. David, Maria’s youngest son, was diagnosed with a slight case of Autism last August and it has really changed their lives.

Maria remembers going through so many emotions when she received the news but through it all she knew what is important is to help and fight for her son and others who have been diagnosed as well. 

David has been receiving all types of therapies including and not limited to speech and occupationally therapy. Maria has become an advocate for her son and has been educating herself in order to help her son accomplish milestones as he continues to get care. 

Through Autism Speaks Maria and her husband David have been able to get the help they need, support group information, and also read stories similar to theirs. She is always looking into new therapies and exercises to get David the help he needs.

Let’s come together and support Maria and her family. Through donations we can help find a cure for autism and help millions of people.

Please donate to her link below. 

Donation Page

Maria’s Special Note