2017 Action Environmental Group Scholarship Winner


On Friday we had the pleasure of presenting Claudia Smigielski with our first ever Action Environmental Group scholarship award. Her father Lester Smigielski has been a driver at our Bronx Casanova Depot for over 10 years.


Claudia currently attends Queens College in Flushing, NY, but will be transferring to SUNY Cortland in the fall where she will study Business Management with a concentration in Human Resources.

Read her award winning essay below.

Question: What’s the greatest threat to the environment today?

The biggest threat to the environment todays is the enormous amount of greenhouse gases we emit into the atmosphere on an everyday basis. Although we may not realize it, almost everything we do requires a greenhouse gas to be emitted into the air. Driving cars, the food we eat, the energy we use for electricity, even the aerosol cans we use all tie back to greenhouse gas emissions. When eating foods that are not locally grown but instead shipped in from different parts of the county, carbon dioxide is being released into the atmosphere when importing those goods. Greenhouse gases get trapped in the atmosphere and create heat, which overtime makes global temperatures rise. A rise in global temperatures come with many problems such as a rise in sea levels due to melting glaciers. The rise in sea levels would create extensive damage to cities and towns along the coasts. With the oceans getting increasingly warmer, they are also getting more acidic which makes it unsuitable for many organisms who live there to survive. An increase in the global temperature will also lead to an increase in heat-related deaths all throughout the world. Higher temperatures lead to greater amounts of heat waves, which ultimately lead to more strokes and heart related health problems. The rise in global temperatures will ultimately create a decrease in biodiversity throughout ecosystems.