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Action Carting Environmental Services, Inc. is the city's most progressive and innovative provider of non-hazardous waste management services for the City of New York and now New Jersey.

Stepping Into Action: The Super Stroll Challenge

Stepping Into Action: The Super Stroll Challenge

Here at Action, we like to take part in some healthy competition. September 7th kicked off our companywide walking competition known as the Super Stroll Challenge, provided by Walkingspree. Our employees were placed into teams of 3-6, where they improved their fitness and tracked their activity. At the end of the challenge, there were 2 categories of winners: team and individual. The group that walked to victory was the Chester Ladies! This winning team includes Crystal Cabezal, Deb Maldonado, and Kathy Smith from Dispatch as well as April Levine and Donna Lazar from Billing. Chester Winners

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