Mandated Light Bulb Recycling

The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation has recently passed legislation that requires businesses, institutions, and universities with over 100 employees – or those that dispose of more than 15 hazardous waste lamps per month – to properly recycle lights containing mercury along with other hazardous products.

This law has been passed in an attempt to decrease the release of the mercury present in these products into the atmosphere. When fluorescent and HID (high-intensity discharge) lamps are broken, incinerated, or buried in a landfill, mercury is released into the air, water, and soil.

Advantages of Mercury Containing Lamps

Mercury Containing Lamps are used in many large organizations because they are very energy efficient. They save energy, reduce air pollution and greenhouse gases and lower energy production needs and costs. These bulbs are commonly found in most offices, stores, vending machines, tanning beds, warehouses, factories, hotels, households, parking lots, and streetlights.

Potentially Harmful Effects of Mercury

Studies have linked mercury exposure to increased risk of heart attack and neurological disorders. The improper disposal of hazardous waste in the office may expose employees to unsafe mercury levels due to mismanaged waste lamps.

BakPak™ Pre-Paid Recycling Programs

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At anytime, you can go online for documentation of all containers ordered and recycled and a certificate will be e-mailed to you for filing to prove compliance. For your convenience, there is an automated reordering option so you can go on with your business while we take care of your waste. Also ask a sale representative about programs we have for recycling ballasts, e-waste, and batteries. Call your Action sales representative today to create a waste removal and recycling program that fits your business needs!